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David Byrne & St. Vincent: Live at Williamsburg Park


  1. Who
  2. Weekend In The Dust
  3. Save Me From What I Want
  4. Strange Overtones
  5. I Am An Ape
  6. Marrow
  7. This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)
  8. The Forest Awakes
  9. Ice Age
  10. Like Humans Do
  11. Lightning
  12. [Band Introductions]
  13. Lazarus
  14. Cheerleader
  15. Lazy
  16. I Should Watch TV
  17. Northern Lights
  18. One Who Broke Your Heart
  19. Outside Of Time and Space
  20. [Encore Break]
  21. Cruel
  22. Burning Down the House
  23. [Second Encore Break]
  24. The Party
  25. Road to Nowhere


[Note: The download is split into two pieces to accommodate Mediafire’s 200MB limit.]

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